{{Piosenka|imageBG = |image = AATB.jpg||game = Just Dance 2016
[[Just Dance Now|artist = Meghan Trainor|year = 2014|nogm = 2|dg = Kobieta|mode = Solo|pc = Miętowa Zieleń, do Brzoskwiniowego|gc = Fioletowy, do Magenta|lc = Niebieski|pictos = 98|nowc = AllAboutThatBass}}"All About That Bass" wykonywane przez
Meghan Trainor z gry Just Dance 2016.

Wygląd tancerki

Aboutthatbass coach 1 big.png

Tancerka jest kobietą ubraną w strój modny w latach 50. Ma rude włosy z czerwonymi pasemkami. Ubrana jest w turkusowo-niebieski top, różowe spodnie i pomarańczowe buty na obcasie. W późniejszej części piosenki kolory zmieniają się na: pomarańczową koszulkę, niebieskie spodnie, różowe buty na obcasach i fioletową fryzurę.

Flower & Bee Version

Tancerze są pszczołą i kwiatem.


P1 wears a large bumblebee costume with large black circular glasses, pink antennas, a red polka dot bow tie, a striped leg warmer, and pink shoes.


P2 wears a flower costume. The flower is red and yellow and the stem is bright green. Her leaves are her arms and she grows out of a flower pot.



The background is mainly brightly colored panels. The first displayed set is blue and purple, featuring four bass strings and female dancers in polka dot dresses. It switches to an orange circular background, with pebbles and lines bouncing with the song, and the backup dancers will occasionally appear doing poses similar to the main dancer. It changes to a green linear background during the chorus, and occasionally holes will pop up showing a backup dancer doing one of various poses. In the chorus, the backup dancer only appears whenever a backup voice sings.

Flower & Bee Version

The alternate background is a sunny outdoor setting. The dancers stand on a large orange and pink mushroom. During the chorus, the mushroom grows up to the clouds and flowers are visible.

Gold Moves


There are 2 Gold Moves in the Classic routine, both of which are the same:
Both Gold Moves: Cross your arms and then throw them into the air.

Flower & Bee Version

There are 2 Gold Moves in the Flower & Bee Version routine, both of which are the same:
Both Gold Moves: P1, tap your hips with your right hand; P2, make a T-pose by your neck.


All About That Bass has a Mashup with the theme, Divas which can be unlocked for 1000 Mojo Coins (or 20 Mojo Coins on the Wii). It is only for eighth generation consoles and the Wii. It features over-the-top female dancers.


Party Master Mode

All About That Bass has a Party Master Mode. Here are the captions listed in order of appearance.

(Captions in bold indicate a Song Switch)

Appearances in Mashups

All About That Bass is featured in the following Mashup:

Dance Quests

All About That Bass appears in the following Dance Quest maps:


  • Ying Yang


  • Moon


  • W grze, użyta jest wersja piosenki Radia Disney, w której z powodu zacenzurowanego słowa booty i jego kombinacji, słowa zostały zastąpione bardziej odpowiednimi zdaniami, jak np: "I'm gonna be tweetin' that". Radio Disney także ocenzurowało fat oraz zamienili bit***s na ladies i s**t na it.
  • Tancerki, które pojawiają się w tle są podobni do tancerki z Maps i głównej tancerki z Dancing Queen.
  • Układ taneczny wykorzystuje trochę ruchów z teledysku.
  • Ta piosenka i Want To Want me są jedynymi potwierdzonymi na E3, które w zapowiedzi nie mają wywiadu z Just Dance team.
  • Błędy rękawiczki czasami wywołują, że kolor rękawiczki jest fioletowo-pomarańczowy lub pomarańczowo-fioletowy.
  • To jest pierwsza piosenka Meghan Trainor w serii. Drugą jest Better When I’m Dancin’.
  • The Radio Disney version of the song is used in-game. Due to "booty" and its other variations being censored often, this version replaces many lines. The Radio Disney version replaces "I can shake it shake it" with "I'mma make it make it"; "I've got that boom boom that all the boys chase" with "I got them smooth moves they say I look great"; "I've got all the right junk in all the right places" with "I'll be that star on all them big stages"; "s**t" with "it"; "booty" with "beauty"; "a little more booty to hold at night" with "the girls for the beauty they hold inside"; "skinny b***hes" with "haters" and "No, I'm just playing I know you think you're fat" with "Just so you know I'm gonna be tweetin' that".
  • Ta piosenka oraz Want To Want Me są jedynymi piosenkami z Just Dance 2016 potwierdzone na E3, które nie mają wywiadu z Just Dance team.
  • P1 from the Alternate routine can be seen lip-synching the lyrics at some points.
  • The routine uses some of the moves from the music video.
  • The glove glitches out sometimes and is purplish-orange or orange-purple.
  • There is a glitch where sometimes the hair disappears into the dancer's skin.
    • It may even pass through it and come out at another place, like the face or chest.
    • In fact, a part of the coach's mouth becomes purple at a certain point.
  • The #June15 teaser reads "Shake it, shake it, like you're supposed to do", while the in-game lyrics are "Make it, make it, like I'm supposed to do".
  • The alternate version for this song recycled a move from You Never Can Tell and When The Rain Begins To Fall.
  • The dancer and the backup dancers resemble a few girls in the All About That Bass music video.
  • Tło było zainspirowane teledyskiem do piosenki.
  • The dancer was teased through a silhouette posted on Facebook.
  • The Just Dance Now pictograms have a different color scheme than the preview.
  • The song's square was slightly different in the E3 demo; the background was the same as the final version, but it was green and the coach was more zoomed out.
  • This coach appears in the icon of Dance Party, along with some other dancers from the game.
  • In the lyrics, I'mma (in I'mma make make it, like I'm supposed to do) is misspelled as ima, Tell all them haters that appears as Tell them haters that (without all), and You know you like this bass is not featured.




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